ISNCSCI Algorithm - Feedback Survey

The Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) is fully compliant with applicable Canadian privacy legislation and its Privacy Policy.

The information in this survey is collected for the following purposes:
1) to gather feedback on the use of the ISNCSCI Algorithm so that we can improve the algorithm and demonstrate its value;
2) to obtain contact information from respondents who are interested in providing further information about the algorithm.

If you provide your contact information, your survey answers will be identified and RHI staff may contact you in the future for follow-up purposes.  Any feedback information used in reports or publications will be presented anonymously.

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Thank you very much for your time.

1. What is your profession?

(check all that apply)

2. What type of setting do you work in?

(check all that apply)

3. Approximately how often do you use the ISNCSCI Algorithm?

4. How do you access the ISNCSCI Algorithm?

(check all that apply)

5. Which of the following have you used the algorithm for?

(check all that apply)

6. Overall, how useful is the Algorithm for your work?

7. What impact if any, has the ISNCSCI Algorithm had on the following:

Significantly IncreasedModerately increasedNo impact

8. Has the ISNCSCI Algorithm been incorporated into your regular workflow?

(if no, skip to question #9)

9. When you use the ISNCSCI Algorithm, how many ISNCSCI exam calculations do you normally perform?

10. Please rate the value of each of the following ISNCSCI Algorithm functions:

High ValueSome ValueNo ValueN/A, I don’t have access to this function

Other function #1 (specify):

Other function #2 (specify):

12. Please indicate if you have experienced any of the following challenges in using the ISNCSCI Algorithm:

(check all that apply)

13. Are there other similar tools that you use?

15. If you are willing to speak with us about your usage of and experience with the ISNCSCI algorithm please provide your name and email address:

Please note, if you want your responses to be anonymous do not provide your name and contact information.

Thank you very much for your feedback.